Show Your Dreams the Way

One of my mentors, Danielle Laporte, posted this (in part) "You should go to open houses before you can actually afford to buy a house.  Hover over your dreams. Signal to your psyche what's possible."

I totally agree.  Show your subconscious the way.  Set goals to reach your dreams.  If you stay in a state of wondering you'll never get there.  BE in the middle of it, dig deep, show some discipline, show up!  You are the one who will make it happen, no matter what you're striving for, jump in.

The more you keep that dream in your reality, the more likely you are to achieve it.  As long as you hold it in your dream state it will seem elusive.  Dress the part.  Speak the words.  Don't shy away from learning, doing, owning it.  It is there for you to grab, but you have to put your hand out.

What if it was about liberation and not transformation?

I read a post by the wonderful Jonathan Fields of the Good Life Project today.  It inspired me to explore this in today's blog posting.

Like Jonathan, I'm feeling like the word "transformation" is really over-used.  I have always had a hard time identifying the "transformation" I provide people in my work.  But this is it - it's not about creating a transformation, it's about liberating us to be US!  Isn't that what we most want?  To be for all our value and benefits?  To be free to be ourselves and be appreciated for it.

We have all come into this lifetime with gifts and experience of lives past, of relationships and instincts, and with relevant knowledge that we just need to be reminded we know and to be made comfortable in sharing it.

Too much of our time is spent on trying to "transform" into something others think is valuable.  What about what WE value?  Isn't that enough?  Of course it is.  And I, for one, am happy to know you, see you, and hear from you. 

Let's agree that we all have value and experience, we are creative and smart, and we have a lot to add to the lives of others who are roaming around the earth with us.

I am happy to share my wisdom with you - and I would love to hear about your wisdom as well.

Yes, it's a Good Life!

Untold Stories

"There is no agony like bearing an untold story inside you."  - Zora Neale Hurston

This quote was used in reference to an article about the stories in our lives that need to be told.  But when I came across it, the first thing I thought about was all the creative and amazing ideas we have that need to be brought to life and birthed into the world.

Think of the times you've said, "I had that idea months or years ago, but I never acted on it."

What if you did?  What if you were able to see all the way to receiving the love you deserve for work you created?  How would your world have changed?  How would you have changed?

Let's not die with the best ideas still inside us.  Find a place, a mentor, a team who can help you.  Explore, design, plan, and implement the ideas inside that need to come out. 

This is the idea behind our Incubator group.  If you know the idea needs to be explored more, or it needs some feedback to help shape the next level of what it could be, or if you need some new, fresh ideas on tackling the productivity side of things; the plan, the components, the social media or marketing - then join us.  We love birthing at all levels. 

Connect with me to see if what we offer is a good fit.  We hate to see good ideas go by the wayside because you thought there was no one willing to help lift them up into the world!

Summer Desires

A lot of the work I do begins by defining your Core Desired Feelings. 

If you haven't experienced the work yet it may be hard to picture what it's like.  So I thought I would give you a little taste of how it looks and feels.  You should be able to feel it in your whole body, to connect with the many other words to are associated with the feeling.

For instance, it's summer.  Today I was thinking about how I wanted to feel and it came to me.

I want my body to feel like summer.  It sounds simple at first glance, but it's really a very deep concept.  What are all the feelings I associate with summer?  Freedom, warmth, laughter, satisfied, limber, and strolling, just to name a few.

Can you feel it?  Can you see how finding the right feelings can conjure up so many other words that create feeling deep in your body?

Try it.  How do you want to feel?  What words come up for you?

Celebrating the Year of the Sheep

The Sheep is the eighth sign of the Chinese Zodiac.  It represents a harmonious time as it pertains to coexistence.  This year is all about tranquility, good fortune, peace, and abundance.  The Sheep is also said to be a symbol of art as it pertains to passive and nurturing times.

2015 is said to be the year of belief that good will prevail and is the year to creatively express yourself.  It is also the year to try something new.  I believe in the guiding of the Chinese Zodiac and decided this was the year to launch my new work, to be creative with it, and to welcome in tranquility, good fortune, peace, and abundance.

The sheep is an animal that cannot move backward or sideways and symbolizes forward determination.  I will also choose to move forward with great determination this year.  I hope you will choose the same.  As we all move forward and grow, letting our dreams manifest and our work reach more and more of those who are seeking it, we will create a better world for all!

Our Lady of the Whispering Heart

"Our Lady of the Whispering Heart speaks to us of courage, of trust and inner knowing.  She tells us to trust our inner truths above and beyond any opinion of any other.  You will know deep within what needs to happen, and when.  The details are held in the loving genius of the Divine Mother, and revealed through your heart in the perfect way and at the perfect time.  All you need to do is listen and apply, with patience and trust, the wisdom that is felt from within.  If you are finding it hard to hear that wisdom, the Divine Mother says this to you, "What would your heart say if it was completely free from fear?"

This Oracle card is from Alana Fairchild.  What a great and mighty message for today.  I can only imagine being completely free from fear.  Oh, yes, I can say there are places in my life that are free from fear.  But most of the time, especially around my work, I can hear that little voice creeping in. 

When this begins, I do find it comforting to close my eyes and let my heart take over.  It tells me not to worry, that my work matters and there is nothing to fear.  I should not place judgment on how many show up, or how much money it brings in, or what people might say afterwards.  Just do my work in a truly authentic and consciously loving way and the right result will happen.

So, do not fear.  Do your work in your most authentic and consciously loving way and the right result will happen. 

A Different Kind of Life

Buckminster Fuller once said, " The minute you begin to do what you really want to do, it's really a different kind of life." 

I have had jobs, I have been a business owner, and I have been an entrepreneur.  I can tell you in all honesty that no matter what my work status was, when I was doing something I loved and believed in with my whole heart and soul, my body and mind showed up in a completely different way.

Doing what you love makes the difference in wanting to learn and in getting up with energy.  It changes your perspective of other people and gives you new eyes.  I can say that when I'm engaged in doing something I love, my world changes.  And I love that me!

So try really hard to make the right decisions for the right reasons.  Take on things that make you smile and bring you joy.  Don't do things because someone else thinks you would be good at it, or because you feel guilty or that you owe it to someone to be there.  It just leads to exhaustion and resentment. 

Time is precious.  Guard it and make wise choices in how you spend it!

Meet people where they are at...

The great thing about working with women on their businesses is that I learn so much.  We are all having different experiences every day.  We're at different places in our lives.  We enjoy different things.  And when I get to spend time with you I get to ask questions and learn things I would have otherwise missed.  

Keeping my eyes and heart open during my work allows me to live one of my most important Core.Desired.Feelings - JOY

For me, hearing you talk about the things that bring you JOY, and seeing the light it brings to your eyes and the smile to your face - I can't help but feel JOYFUL.

Let's keep the conversation going - for the JOY in all of us!