"All that can be already is. We do not invent Divine potential and possibility ... you already are all that you can be ... Sit beside those who draw you to that." ― Rumi

The amazing thing is - we are all divine.  We are all full of potential.  We are all filled with possibility.  We only have to choose to make that our path.  As Lisa Hammond, the Barefoot CEO tells us, "Dreams need shelters, mentors, and clear directions about how to do it."

As a young girl I knew that I had a gift.  A gift of creating relationships.  A gift of making people feel comfortable and safe.  A gift of knowing clearly who I am - and who I am not.  I live in full color with quiet moments of reflection as my grounding.  I am devoted to my family and friends and look forward to new spontaneous adventures every day.  I cheer on those who may not believe in themselves as deeply as I believe in them, and when I need it - I give in to the greater Spirit to guide me.

I believe that we all have purposeful work to do - and for those who choose to make that work the Way to sustain their lifestyle, I offer teachings, mentorship, and workshops in discovery and learning based on my years of experience building multi million dollar businesses, all with an open heart to be helpful and inspiring.  Our journey's are unique, but they are not meant to be walked alone.

In my professional capacity I have built many businesses.  Some for myself, many for other entrepreneurs.  I love working with raw talent and start-up ideas.  In my own life I have felt the loneliness of working too hard on the wrong things and the great joy of finding the right path and connecting to the right people.  I love creativity and structure, which would seem to be at odds, but it's funny how they truly inspire each other.

I work with clients in two capacities - First through my Desire Map Workshops or Evening Open and Candid Conversations and second through one-to-one client Coaching and Consulting.   If you're interested in speaking further about how we might work together - contact me here for a virtual coffee date!

You can find my upcoming Desire Map Retreats here.  And if you're looking for some great Open and Candid Conversation we would love to have you!