"Our soul speaks to us through yearnings, longings, whispers and deep prayers. They’re not always loud and they are not always communicated in words, but if you create space every day to listen, you’ll find that your soul has all the wisdom and insight that you need to take the next step."

Rebecca Campbell


Finding our purpose, discovering our passions,

listening to our souls desires

Let's do this!


If you are struggling to find FLOW in your life and business, that place where things happen easily and with full authenticity, you've come to the right place!

I understand how that feels.  For many years I've been working with Women to connect their deep souls desires with the heart of what makes their businesses thrive.  We learn through wholehearted communities of Women who have been where we are, who have had the same obstacles to conquer, who have traveled the paths we are striving to traverse with ease and grace.  Sharing our stories and experiences is a great way to uncover what is in our way and to clarify the direction that best suits each of us as individuals.

ideas / introspection / clarity / action

Inspired - Educated - Successful 

  • Inspired because Who You Are matters.  In the deepest part of you are the diamonds that need to shine.
  • Educated because knowledge gives way to the power behind choice.  Make educated decisions when moving forward.
  • Successful because when you reach your goals with unbridled joy, the rest is easy!

You know it's time to change the way things are - your life - your business - your very way of being.  But how? 

I have always embraced the small moments - the rituals of life - the pleasures that fill our souls.  My own soul soars when I can hold space for women to lean into the challenges of everyday life and enjoy the act of connecting with their own divine presence in the world.  Some of us are here to parent, others to build businesses, many of us work as volunteers and contributors to higher causes that lift people and the planet.  In the end, we are all here to be the very best version of ourselves. 

Believe me - when you’re highly inspired and your senses are aroused, the distance between what’s possible & impossible starts to look a whole lot smaller!

I would be honored if you could join me!

Check out our Desire Map Retreats!  Or attend one of my evening Open and Candid Conversations.  If you are wondering how we might work together see what I'm all about here, or if you'd like to connect with me for some one-on-one work on your Desires or your Business, Contact Me.



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